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Gucci Tote Bags

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Gucci is an iconic brand, and their tote bags are some of their most popular and storied offerings. Gucci has offered tote bags in a variety of styles for decades. The brand started in Florence, Italy, in 1921, and has steadily grown since then. Gucci has amassed a worldwide following of fashion aficionados who follow their product launches and routinely purchase their products, including Gucci totes. These totes are only one category of their popular offerings. Gucci is also known for their shoes and handbags. Many fans of the brand like to pair a cute pair of shoes with their favorite Gucci tote.

Gucci is a very popular brand all-around, not just when it comes to their totes. They offer a full line up of apparel and accessories. Some of their more popular items besides the Gucci tote are their sunglasses and their leather handbags. Gucci's offerings are popular because of their unique style and their high-quality materials. The label has attracted a following that keeps up to date on the brand's new releases and when they are going to be hitting stores. Two Gucci totes that were recently released are the basket tote, which is made out of wicker and looks a bit like a picnic basket, and the GG Supreme tote, which has a gray leather body and a brown leather handle. The body of this bag features Gucci's signature "honeycomb" pattern.

Gucci is such a popular and widespread brand that too many celebrities to name have been spotted sporting their products. In recent years, the brand has become popular in the hip-hop community, and it is name-dropped in many rap songs. Rapper Gucci Mane took his stage name as an homage to the storied Italian brand. Of course, many notables who are not part of the hip-hop community can also be seen with a Gucci tote.