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Philip Stein Is a Miami, Florida based brand that is famous for its lifestyle and technology watches as well as bracelets and wine wands. It has been known to design unique lifestyle accessories since its inception in 2003. Philip Stein items are sold in over 30 countries in both online and retail shops. The high-end items are sold at select departmental stores. The trademark of the label is the unique Philip Stein wave in a ring logo that is embedded in the pieces. All the products are characterized by the Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) which picks up a person’s natural frequencies and channels them to the body thereby acting as a natural antenna. It obtained a loyal following of fashion crazed fans within a year of its launching due to its timeless pieces that came to be known as the ‘feel good watch.’ Since individual’s reactions to the effects of the watches are different, the label recommends wearing the watches or bracelets for 30 nights consecutively in order to draw a final conclusion on the reaction it triggers on the user.

Philip Stein watches have an added extra feature of interchangeable straps and a window that lets the user have a look at the technology disc. This allows the owner to sleep better, relieve tension, enhance wellbeing and improve concentration. Some common Philip Stein watches include the Philip Stein Teslar Active Watch, the Philip Stein Teslar Signature Watch and Philip Stein Teslar Mini signature Diamond Watch w/ Mother of Pearl Dial.

Philip Stein was listed among Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” on three occasions in 2003, 2005 and 2010 due to their classic and slim design. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Philip Stein watches including Selena Gomez, Katy Holmes, Taylor Swift and Wendy Williams. Depending on the person, the results may vary from extreme focus, calmness to energy. The watches are however meant to improve the quality of sleep and not cure some medical conditions as often misinterpreted.