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Swarovski Women's Watches

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Swarovski is widely known and appreciated for its luxurious, sparkly crystal jewelry and accessories, which are designed using the finest precision-cut crystals in the world that are then carefully hand applied to each piece for brilliant shine and endurance. Now add this same elegance and glamour to the Swarovski Watch, and you have another Swarovski masterpiece that doubles as both a sophisticated wristband as well as a practical way to read the time, and it is suitable for the finest occasions.

The prized Swarovski Crystal emerged from Daniel Swarovski's intense desire to create an "affordable diamond". Hence, equipped with the know-how he needed, he created an electric cutting machine that provided superior crystal cutting over other machines, which soon enabled him to master the art of crystal cutting, completely redefining the original crystal as we knew it. In addition to mastering the art of precision crystal cutting, Swarovski also understood that, similar to diamonds, the better the crystal the better the quality. Therefore, he also invested in various state-of-the-art crystal products, including Xirius 1088, whose superior fire and brilliance supersedes the market standards, in an effort to create a better crystal.

Together, these time-tested and proven methods have enabled Swarovski to create the diamond-like stone of his dreams, ultimately transforming the crystal into something enduring and special that people from various backgrounds are proud to display in their jewelry pieces, accessories, and more.

The Swarovski Watch is created using the same time-honored technology and signature faceted crystals that Swarovski has become reputable for. It also includes Swiss Quartz movement, and it is available in various colors to suit just about any preference, including rose gold tone, black, silver tone, and gold tone. Some of Swarovski's most iconic watches include the Swarovski Swiss Crystalline Hours Watch, the Swarovski Octea Croc Leather Strap Watch, the Swarovski Women's Swiss Mini Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, and more.

Today, the Swarovski family continues to practice the 120-year-old tradition that catapulted the brand, making the Swarovski Watch a much-treasured timepiece similar to a diamond watch.