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The Versace name in fashion was created by Gianni Versace in 1972. By 1982, he added accessories, such as Versace watches for women, to his brand. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Versace became synonymous with the celebrities who wore his fashions, particularly pop and rock musicians. He recognized a niche for his unique styling and bright prints. Versace patterned his logo on Medusa's head because he wanted people to love his designs.

Versace watches for women, like every piece created with the Versace name, add a little something unique combined with classic lines. The Women's Krios Quartz Stainless Steel Watch, for example, is at first glance a sensible gold-tone with a white croco-stamped leather band. After a little closer inspection, however, the details come into view. Above the white face with gold Roman numerals, sits the golden head of Medusa surrounded by a mesh of gold beads.

Vanitas Blue Dial Ladies Leather Watch is another option in the Versace watches for women collection. Featured in a bold blue, it matches many of the vibrant colors used in the Versace clothing line. Its expressive detail completes this piece. Rose gold is utilized throughout. The studs on both the leather band and leather face are part of a diamond pattern. The face includes a rose gold Medusa logo and wave fashioned in leather. It's encircled by a rose gold Roman key pattern that is borrowed from the Greeks.

If practical black leather is what you seek, consider the Versace V Signature Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch. The black leather Bund-style band is offset with eye-catching yellow gold. It too features the key motif with a center embellishment down the center of the band and around the face. Gold Roman numerals, clock hands, and the Medusa head sit prominently against the black face. The unique and lasting quality of the Versace name is intermingled with uncomplicated design elements. They're bold and straightforward without fuss.