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Boy London is a fashion brand that was founded in 1976 by Stephane Raynor. Many of the pieces in this vintage product line include elements that appeal to modern fashionistas. The company has gained brand awareness throughout the years because many celebrities have worn the apparel, such as Madonna and Andy Warhol. In the '80s and '90s, the designers produced many tees that featured acid images, and these products helped the brand grow. Although business was highly successful, the company had to close because the design team had problems organizing vital finances. However, in 2007, the company began designing more Boy London apparel, and these products feature many of the same elements and new designs.

Consumers pick Boy London products because the designs are modern and stylish. Many of the graphic designs are inked on the front of the tees. The designers always strategically select inks that provide proper contrast so that all images on each individual tee will stand out. Some graphics are also stamped on the back of tees and jackets; these prints are typically large and can be seen well from a distance. Nearly all of the apparel pieces have the company's main logo, which features an eagle, and a few items will have some other graphic design elements that suit the brand.

Long sleeves and short-sleeve apparel options are available. The Boy London plastisol cotton T-shirt is a comfortable piece for anyone who needs something that's trendy, modern, and casual, and the Flock Eagle piece is a practical solution for mild weather because it's a cotton short-sleeve shirt. The company also provides stylish accessories that can enhance the long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees. The baseball caps can help a consumer complete outfits because they have the icon logo, and the winter caps that are made of plush cotton have brand elements as well. Boy London also designs skirts, hoodies, and other trendy apparel options.