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Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish - As If
Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish - As If

metallic medium rose--Trip to Harrods for the afternoon. Bored at work., Surfing the Internet to find the end, I have an urge for travel. Peep, I get a new email notification to shop at Harrods, Knights bridge for Christmas. Ah, just the remedy for a dull afternoon. As I peruse through the online store filling my virtual shopping cart. It hits me. Why not go I immediately email my girlfriend and ask if she want to go shopping in London There are a few things I have to have for Christmas. She immediately responds with, can we be back for the pub crawl this night She too suffering the same dull humdrum off work insanity I am! "No, we need to stay the weekend doll. After Harrods, there is Regent street and Suffrage's." I replied. So, after a long while of waiting (45seconds) she replies. "How about Wal-Mart" Happy as a lark thinking that it might not be a good idea to bring her with me to London. I need a Sherpa to hold my purchases. She just wont do with a bad knee! My reply. ^PERFECT. lets do lunch at McDonald's too. Love you doll see you in the fresh meat isle in 20 mins!

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