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Eberjey Women's Fashion
Eberjey began life as a clothing company providing fine intimates when two colleagues at an advertising agency noticed a distinct lack of lingerie that made women feel truly beautiful. Co-founders Ali Mejia, originally from El Salvador and Mariela Rovito, an Argentinian native, started the company to create pretty underthings that not only expressed happiness, love and confidence but also felt good when worn.

Based in Miami, FL where Mejia and Rovito grew up, the company originally concentrated on intimates, swimwear and sleepwear, which seemed natural to the pair. Eberjey means joy from within, so even the brand's name evokes the message of love from within. Starting with its classic thong boy short, the homegrown line has amassed a cult following of fashionistas across the globe, thanks to its penchant for lace and lots of luxe fabrics. Women who wear the brand are soulful, sensual, confident and stylish. At the same time, they want to wear the ultimate in comfort.

In fact, comfort is one of the main reasons that the brand has expanded to clothing beyond intimates. It's now a lifestyle brand and women everyone in the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe and Japan can easily stock their underwear drawers and find the most comfortable loungewear sets at upscale department stores and boutiques that carry Eberjey.

Cute and colorful swimwear, available at any time of the year, remains an Eberjey staple. The line has expanded to include wispy flattering tops and loose pants, some of which incorporate lace trim, that are ideal for both lounging or a casual outing on the town.

The line keeps evolving as Mejia and Rovito are keen on listening to the needs of their customers. Drawing inspiration from nature and combining those inspirations with melding it with best-selling silhouettes and fabrications, Eberjey will continue to be at the forefront of comfortable fashion.