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Founded in 2011, Everlane is part of an exciting new trend of conscious clothing companies, eschewing the fast fashion model and providing high quality basics. Originally an online retailer, they now have physical stores in San Francisco and New York City.

Operating under the motto of "radical transparency," Everlane strives to keep all of their practices visible to consumers. They actively seek factories that provide safe work spaces, reasonable hours, and fair wages for their workers. Visiting their website, you can view amazing photos and videos from all of their factories around the world.

They also pride themselves on showing their customers exactly how much money goes in to making each clothing item and accessory. They also provide the shopper an opportunity to see how much the items are marked up in Everlane's model versus a traditional retail model.

Their mission is not to stay on top of trends and churn out clothing designs that will lose appeal after a single season of wear. Everlane specializes in manufacturing high quality basics for men and women that will last through years of regular wear. They carry everything from button down shirts to shoes to weekender bags, and very recently created a line of denim, and everyone from Angelina Jolie to Gigi Hadid to Malia Obama can be seen sporting their cool, casual items.

Recently, they have devoted even more attention to humanitarian causes, championing equality for women, refugees, and LGTBQ individuals with their 100% Human collection. $5 from each of the purchases in this line goes to Equality Now, The Human Rights Campaign, or The American Civil Liberties Union. This is a simple, chic way to make a statement and support causes that are relevant in day to day life. Add that to the list of radically transparent wonderful things about Everlane.