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Kate Spade New York, founded in 1993 by Kate and Jack Spade, derived from one woman's desire to breathe new life into the otherwise monotonous world of handbags. What began as a collection of now-iconic square-shaped bags has over time flourished into a full-on fashion and lifestyle brand. With a winning aesthetic of classic style meets cheeky fun, Kate Spade provides clothing, shoes, and accessories for the woman that honors the girl within. We like to pair our Kate Spade with virtually anything in our wardrobe to add a bit of theater-like dazzle to each and every look. From casual to cocktail dresses that come in little black versions to full-on floral, from heels to booties, sparkling flats to sneakers, from capes to cardigans and a wide range of handbags that scale from novelty to simply chic, Kate Spade has a little something classic, necessary, and fun for everyone.