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Launched in 1988 with an aim to provide modern fashion clothing, the New York-based Maje Sale has a reputation for providing well-fitting and desirable fashions. It has a range of clothing's, which include well-fitted trousers, blouses, sneakers, dresses, shoes, inner wears, sheepskin collar jacket, miniskirts, and handbags among many others.

The designs are made and targeted at women by Judith Milgrom. The good thing about Maje Sale is that the products come in various varieties and designs, providing a buyer with the opportunity to make a choice, and they are also uniquely identifiable: Maje has revolutionized the dressing fashion industry. International celebrities like Robyn Rihanna, a successful and internationally recognized singer, actress and songwriter, use the products from this brand.

The dresses and other products now come with the firm's label for uniqueness, brand identification, and marketing. The firm’s product pricing is relatively affordable since they averagely range between prevailing market prices and luxury level pricing; that ranges between $ 150 and $ 500, which is relatively more affordable than those offered for similar brands.

The brand has continued to expand with more than ten stores in Paris and many more others in several countries worldwide such as Taiwan, Spain, and France. Maje Sale is linked to ShopStyle for marketing and sales purposes; ShopStyle, a Francisco based company, operates as a fashion search engine and an e-commerce website where visitors can view more than 14 million products. The company has a direct link to its retailers. It controls the pricing by giving them updates and sale alerts on all products listed on the website. Through this site, one can be able to order and acquire Maje products as well as get vital information concerning the brand. Maje Lace-up Stretch-knit Dress is one of the brand's products that come in dark green color; the dress characterized as a stretch dress in a triangle-like shape.