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OrigiNails Effervescent Nail Cleaner & Whitener Packette
OrigiNails Effervescent Nail Cleaner & Whitener Packette

For best results, remove nail polish, top coats or any other polish coatings from nails. If nails are deeply stained or discolored, it may take several treatments to completely clean. Use weekly to keep nails clean and white. Moisturizes nails and cuticles Cleans 10 nails at one time Fun, fast and easy to do Gives instant results OrigiNails Bubble White 5 minute effervescent nail cleaner and whitener makes even the dullest, dingiest nails sparkling bright and white. Can even remove smoker's stains and hair color from nails. Whitens, brightens and cleans nails in minutes. Bubbles away yellowing stains and discolorations from natural and artificial nails.

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