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Sergio Rossi Women's Fashion

Sergio Rossi is a footwear brand that provides a variety of shoes to consumers. The company also has a handbag and accessory product line. This particular company built a solid reputation in the fashion industry by considering professional craftsmanship while shoes, bags, and other products are designed. All of the design tactics are developed at the company's main headquarters, which is located in Milan, Italy.

When Sergio Rossi shoes are designed, a variety of designer elements are included to make each product stylish and unique. On a typical heel, a consumer may find a special leather material, as professional shoe design teams use leather fabric that's crackled and laminated. The overall design of an average heel is also constructed in a trendy way. This is why many high heels by this fashion brand are built with a geometric inlay. A variety of handbags by this brand are also manufactured with stylish elements and fabrics that provide flair. Sergio Rossi bags for formal occasions provide curb appeal because they're made with leather and crystals.

The SR1 pump is a practical option for general errands, as the heel on this shoe is a convenient 75 mm. Along the edge of the shoe, there is a pointy toe that highlights the geometric inlay design. These shoes stand out in a crowd since they're designed with glittery material. Products in the mules and sabots product line benefit consumers who typically wear apparel that has a contemporary or sophisticated style. Nappa leather is used to make these Sergio Rossi footwear products, and they're designed with a 75 mm heel. Shoes in this line pair nicely with elegant accessories because a gold piece is mounted on the leather material. Products with other designer elements and bright, bold colors are also available by the Sergio Rossi brand.