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Sophie Hulme graduated from Kingston University in 2007 with a degree in fashion design. During her schooling, she received multiple fashion awards, including Collection of the Year. With a passion for accessories and luxury, she immediately began perfecting her craft after graduation and launched her own design company the same exact year. Her first style, the Albion tote, would be loved for its modern design. The London-based design studio would be named after the designer herself and quickly become one of the most talked-about, up-and-coming studios in the city.

Since launching her own handbag line, she has received many awards, begun innovative collaborations, and been sought after by luxurious people, like the first lady of China. Only a few years after her launch, Hulme began selling her accessories in more than just her London studio. She launched an e-commerce website shortly after. Her designs are now available in more than 200 locations in 30 different countries. Sophie Hulme creates all her bags out of premium materials and focuses more on functional details than unnecessary decoration. Customers have come to love Hulme's bags because they work, and they last.

It may have been years since the Albion tote made its first appearance, but it's still quite arguably Hulme's most popular handbag. The Albion tote now comes in multiple size options, like the regular-sized tote, the mini, and the square. It can be purchased in a wide variety of vibrant colors, like pinks, blues, grays, blacks, and more. Sophie Hulme also makes more casual bags that aren't lacking in luxury. The Nano Rucksack, for example, offers the same modern design, premium materials, and vibrant colors as any other handbag in the collection but is functional enough to be worn almost anywhere.

Beginning her career with a bang, one thing's for sure: Sophie Hulme isn't slowing down anytime soon.