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Stuart Weitzman Women's Fashion

Stuart Weitzman is synonymous with luxurious, high end footwear seen everywhere from runways to red carpets. One of the most highly regarded names in the shoe industry; he has been designing for over thirty years. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted using premium materials and is carefully constructed to obtain a perfect fit. Using unique materials like vinyl, cork, wallpaper, lucite, and even 24 karat gold, Stuart Weitzman's designs bring to life impeccable, award winning shoes that flawlessly combine the necessities of form and function while creating an unforgettable statement.

Stuart Weitzman began designing shoes when he was in his twenties while he worked for his father's shoe business in the 1960s. When his father died, he and his brother took over the business and eventually sold it to a company in Spain. He bought it back, but continues manufacturing his designs in exotic Spain. In 2015, the iconic fashion house Coach bought the Stuart Weitzman label, where he continues to design awe inspiring shoes for the company.

Perhaps his biggest claim to fame, though, is the ingenuous footwear he has created for the red carpet. Memorable looks include the "Million Dollar Shoes" covered in in 464 diamonds, the "Two Million Dollar Shows" similar to the original design but were covered in 565 diamonds, the ever fashionable, simple, and functional "Nudist Shoe", and the strappy, chic "Legwrap Sandal". Celebrities from Cara Delevigne to Scarlett Johansson to Lady Gaga to Kendall Jenner have all been seen wearing his eye-catching looks, and Stuart Weitzman even uses the hashtag #inourshoes to collect the ensembles the stars pair the shoes with.

The Stuart Weitzman brand is one that continues to endure in the fashion world because of its combination of simplicity in functionality and beauty in the structure. As they say, "the world's most fashionable feet are in our shoes."