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Ugg was founded in 1978 in California by Australian surfer Brian Smith with the assistance of Doug Jensen. Ugg boots took off almost immediately and became a statement piece of casual California culture. Initially these stylish, yet ultra-comfortable boots were solely seen on American’s West Coast as a style statement. From there the boots soared in popularity in ski shops, then continued to branch out all across America. Traditionally designed for men, women have made these boots a distinct fashion statement. The term ugg is derived from boots made from sheepskin for farmers and outdoor workers.
Around 2000, Ugg shifted its brand marketing to appeal to high-end luxury clients. Ugg boots are now regularly worn by celebrities, models, and even political figures. It is a common to see stars such as Drew Barrymore, Amanda Seyfried, Diana Ross, Lea Michelle, and Kendall Jenner rocking a pair of Uggs to compliment their high fashion yet more relaxed outfits. The shift in branding broke Uggs into the New York fashion scene, followed by exceptionally high levels of interest in Europe and eventually the boots were seen worldwide.
Following the transition, the company introduced a wide variety of products including slippers of various colors, knit boots, sneakers and even wedges. While the traditional Uggs are not a vegan product, they do offer fashionable vegan options, as well. Consumers loved the appeal of the newly found status that accompanied the product, in addition to the exquisite comfort. A variety of Ugg products, including the quintessential traditional classics in short and tall, can be found on here for men and women.