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YLANG YLANG Edens Garden Ylang 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
YLANG YLANG Edens Garden Ylang 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 

If you had a bottle of everything good and comforting in the world it might be a container of ylang ylang. its exquisite aroma is flowery and sweet in a way that will delight your senses. a remarkable general tonic for the entire body, ylang ylang is a natural regulator of oily skin and can work great on both mature and youthful skin types. for those looking for more luscious locks, ylang ylang is known to stimulate the scalp and promote fuller and thicker hair. often used to give a boost to dreary emotions, ylang ylang can have a stabilizing and grounding effect after experiences of fear, shock or trauma. it can inspire creativity, improve self-worth and promote a real sense of peace, joy and inner trust. if you're desiring more sensual or euphoric emotions, ylang ylang can help release romantic emotions as it relaxes the body. botanical name: cananga odorata variety: ylang ylang i origin: madagascar extraction method: steam distillation plant part: flowers note: middle - base family: annonaceae blends well with: frankincense, and other resins; rose, and other florals aroma: rich, sweet, flowery, and jasmine-like consistency: thin color: clear **euro droppers are not included with 100 ml bottles** safety: dilute to no more than 0.8% when using topically, unless you have sensitive or damaged skin, then avoid using altogether. using more than the recommended dilution can cause adverse reactions such as sensitization. do not use topically with children under age 2 shelf life: 7 years

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