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A.P.C. Women's Clothes

Many fans of designer clothing like to show off the logos unabashedly. Some men and women clothe themselves head to toe in logos and labels. With plenty of iconic designer logos to choose, many fans of fashion might overdo it in the "designer love" department. For the fans of high fashion who like their look to appear a bit more subtle, they can look to A.P.C. clothes for their minimalist fashion inspiration. Instead of ostentatious labels, A.P.C. clothing focuses on creating a line that dedicates itself to exquisite detail and tailoring without the flashy designer logos. If you want to look classic and sophisticated, then the fashion brand that you should consider is A.P.C. clothes.

A.P.C. operates as a French ready-to-wear fashion brand that was founded in the late '80s by the Tunisian fashion designer Jean Touitou. Since its inception, A.P.C. became known for its minimalist aesthetic. Their clothing has gained worldwide attention from fashion lovers for its simple patterns and clean lines. A.P.C. rarely uses its logo in its designs. The line has also incorporated design elements from military apparel in the past. One of A.P.C.'s most popular items that continue to sell like hotcakes is their raw denim selvage jeans. Denim lovers snatch up these jeans because they appear slim and fashionable. These days, A.P.C. clothes get sold in locations all over the world. The famous clothing line operates a flagship store in Paris as well as shops in London, San Francisco, New York City, Berlin, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, as well as several locations in Japan.

A.P.C. has become a trendy clothing brand among the Hollywood elite. Some of the Hollywood actors and musicians that have expressed love for A.P.C. include rapper and producer Kanye West, actor Zac Efron, actor and singer Selena Gomez, model Miranda Kerr, actor Katie Holmes, actor Hilary Duff, and R&B singer Frank Ocean.