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Guess is an American luxury clothing brand specializing in men's and women's apparel. Since the 1980s, Guess has been known for bringing sass and style to the denim market starting with its famously provocative ads. Legions of design hits have established Guess as one of the coolest fashion labels today. Whether it's denim or dresses, each Guess piece is viewed as an indispensable style statement. Guess is most known for the red triangle GUESS? logo, gold hardware on its handbags, and the signature Guess patch on the back pocket of its jeans. The brand is also known for edgy touches. Some of Guess's more provocative clothing items have mesh cutouts or lace detailing.

Worldwide, the most popular Guess clothes are the leather moto jacket, logo tank top, and skinny denim jeans. Fashion editors and celebrities alike have been spotted wearing these pieces while out running errands or dressed up for date night in a look that's both casual and classy. Hailey Baldwin was the face of Guess in fall 2016, and Kendall Jenner has also modeled for the label. Camila Cabello, a Cuban-American singer, was the fall 2017 Guess Girl. Taylor Swift has also endorsed Guess clothes.

With multiple stores and outlets across the globe, Guess has risen to be one of the coolest labels active today. The fashion house is keenly aware of fashion trends and is known for delivering up-to-the-minute styles. Each season brings a fresh take on Guess clothes from jeans with rhinestone studs to crop tops splashed with the Guess logo. Paul Marciano, the label's founder and creative director, has an eye for what women want in Guess clothes. Whatever the wearer’s style personality is — classic or modern — there's something for everyone. Each piece has a playful spirit.