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Nikki Kule's clothing line was founded in 2012. This clothing line seeks to do simple things perfectly. Basics like shirts, sweaters, tees and dresses are executed perfectly. Everything is made in America of the finest raw materials. Kule's worked predominantly with cotton, especially jersey knits, but also incorporates fur. The line launched boldly, with just one item: the designer's vision of the ideal striped tee. It put her, and the line, on the radar of major fashionistas.

These variations on the Breton striped shirt continue to be a huge presence in Kule's collections. Kule's really nailed it with her classic cashmere and turtleneck sweater variations. There's a more youthful hoodie version and a few color variations. She's taken the Breton design to its outer limits, even making a striped rabbit fur coat. Nikki Kule's successfully taken a simple idea and executed it expertly, across a number of garments and materials.

Of course, Kule's line quickly expanded into other garments. Each piece of clothing is made with the same attention to detail as her initial collection. They all point to the East Coast and to a prep-school derived style. There are crewneck sweatshirts, perfect for wearing at the track or on the field hockey pitch. There are smart button-downs for class. A longer shirtdress version is also available. The line's aesthetic holds strong appeal for a large population. It references the old-school, East Coast weekending culture that has been iconic for generations. It evokes summers on the water and American royalty like the Kennedys.

Kule's garments are well proportioned. They're designed to appeal, and to fit, women of all ages. The design team uses bold, classic colors that never go out of style.