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Missguided Clothes is a brand that's anything but. The company started with nothing more than a £50,000 loan and a dream back in 2009. Designers in New York who wanted to empower women to feel confident in their natural looks gathered around Nitin Passi to create a brash new clothing line that didn't look like anything else on the market at that time.

It caught on quickly with many women in the nightclub scene because it maintained a sort of underground image. The brand also gained popularity because of how responsible it was. Passi wanted to make sure that all materials used to make Missguided clothes are sourced from ethical suppliers. They've even taken the time to release a statement outlining who performs contract labor for the brand. This has helped it to really take off with fashion-conscious women who are also informed about current events.

Some of their club wear tends to be quite exotic. The brand markets a line of vinyl zip pencil skirts, shaggy fur coats and ruffled trousers. They've more recently started to make clothing for more formal occasions. Their lace dresses are suitable for a wide variety of events as well as a night on the town.

While it's perhaps ironic considering that they present themselves as such an independent brand, the Missguided Clothes label has become wildly popular with celebrities. Leigh-Anne Pinnock posted a photograph on her own Instagram page wearing a pair of thigh-high boots from the company. Kourtney Kardashian was once seen wearing a Missguided Clothes oversized denim shirtdress. Their popular Bardot series of knitted crop tops are apparently a favorite of Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. These individuals are helping the brand to stay relevant regardless of changing tastes. You'll want to keep your eyes out because you don't know where you'll see Missguided outfits show up next.