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XCVI is a fashion brand that was founded by Gita Zeltzer. Although she was a director and actress in the theater, she wanted to design clothing. By using her artistic skills after acquiring a dynamic space, she launched the XCVI brand. Many of her ideas were developed throughout the 1990s in Los Angeles before the brand was successful, as she learned about the fashion business by running a boutique on Melrose Avenue. Later, in 1996, Zeltzer understood the business of fashion, and this was the time when she debuted the first fashion line for the brand. Zeltzer didn't reach a high level of success alone, as she had help along the way. Lilia Gorodnitski is a major team player and is one of the top designers who helps the company grow.

Clothing that's made by this brand is comfortable, stylish, and classy. The designers use 100 percent cotton to manufacture many of the jackets and other pieces. In order to ensure comfort while jackets are designed, special design procedures are implemented to make the hem and sleeves. Cotton and spandex is used during this process, which is beneficial because both materials are machine washable. XCVI tops are also designed with professional-grade materials. The main elements that are used to make a terry top are spandex and rayon. Most tops can be worn with ease, as they're preshrunk during the manufacturing phase. The legging can be paired with any of the comfortable tops, as these fashion pieces are made with soft cotton and flexible spandex. Another comfort feature that's included with some leggings pieces is a convenient waistband.

The Woodman pant can be worn confidently during lounging situations. This product effectively boosts comfort because it has an elastic waistband and a 29.5 inseam. The main materials that are used to manufacturer this product are spandex and cotton. Alexa leggings only contain 3 percent spandex and 97 percent cotton, and the waistband is designed with 5 percent spandex and 95 percent rayon. Since Alexa leggings are constructed strategically to provide a practical fit, the material gives a user a clean look. This brand also offers a variety of other pieces that can enhance comfort throughout different seasons.