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Dockers Women's Pants

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The story of the acclaimed Dockers brand begins on May 1, 1853, when Levi Strauss opened a new branch of his brother’s dry goods business in San Francisco. The denim branch exploded in popularity, partially due to the brand’s laudable stance on “pay for performance” and human rights advocacy, creating a clean and efficient textile ahead of its time. Dockers began as Levi’s shoe line, specializing in boater shoes created for use on “the dock.” It grew to become its own line of high-performance khaki attire, favored by such notable celebrities as Mark Wahlberg, Luke McFarlane, Noah Mills, and Ryan Kwanten.

While the brand is specifically directed towards men, it also boasts successful Dockers for women as well, including a number of diversified products from full-length pants and capris to skirts, blouses, graphic tees, and trendy polos. But the item that has seen the most popularity in the woman’s line is the traditional khaki bottoms, which are available in capri, cropped, short, or full-length styles. All are iconic representations of Docker’s stand-alone quality as well as shadows of the parent company, Levi Strauss. Several perennial favorites in the woman’s pants include the navy blue women’s metro trouser pant, Dockers for women ideal pants in both dark and light shades, and the women’s petite metros. All styles feature Docker’s well-known straight cuts; stomach-flattening material; and a professional, straight waistline with reinforced belt loops.

Aside from Dockers for women, other branches sponsored by the parent company, Levi Strauss, is Signature and Denizen. According to the company, “The culture of Levi Strauss & Co. is fueled by strong values, creativity, and hard work. Using innovative, sustainable, and progressive practices isn’t just how we make our jeans and other products -- it’s a principle we value in all of our work.”

First established in 1986, Dockers continues to set an example of fashionable and professional garb for everyone.