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Calvin Klein Inc. was formed by fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein in 1968. The company has grown to set the trends in the fashion industry with the shoes, clothes, watches, and perfumes they make. The company was later sold to Phillips Van Heusen Corp (PVH) in December of 2002. The company started out as a manufacturer of youth coats but went on to grow to become a leading brand in the making of jeans, perfumes, underwear, and shoes.

The Calvin Klein brand of shoes is known for its wide selection of footwear for women of all ages and shoe sizes. There is something for everyone ranging from sandals, high heels, boots, sneakers, and mules. Those who do not love heels can check out the vast variety of flat shoes, wedges, clogs, and trainers. Even when they do not have a clear picture of the exact shoe they want to purchase, they can search according to shoe size, heel length, color, price, and shoe style. This will give a more detailed selection and make it easier to locate a dream shoe.

There are also Calvin Klein women shoes for a night out. Even when looking for an appropriate evening shoe for a date or to a party, there is something for all styles and preferences. The most famous Calvin Klein shoes for women include the Pammie over-the-knee boot, Page pointy toe pump, Nalo caged sandal, Mailia tall boot, canvas Canter high-top sneakers, and the Camelle suede sandals. These shoes are not only famous in the United States. Women all over the world love them. Top celebrities like Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, and Cynthia Nixon have been spotted wearing Calvin Klein women shoes on a regular basis. Cynthia Nixon is thought to be one of the top three celebrities that love the brand.

Calvin Klein women shoes are here to stay, and for those who love looking stylish and at the same time adorn a comfortable and quality shoe, this is what they should go for.