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The Lita; the Michelle; a few of the most popular shoes Jeffrey Campbell has created over the years. It comes as no surprise that they are named after women since Mr. Campbell is surrounded by them: his daughters and his wife. We all know the saying, "Behind every great company is a great woman (or women)," and the namesake company Jeffrey Campbell created is no exception. Without his wife, he may have never been inspired to go out on his own and create the company the world has grown to know and love. And then where would we be? Very sad and Jeffrey Campbell-less. A brand I have recently been obsessing over — a brand that remains fresh and chic each season, ironic since Jeffrey finds so much inspiration from vintage items and the past. My favorite part of the brand is the fact that Mr. Campbell believes women wear the shoes — instead of the other way around. These women are the voice behind his brand, not himself. That is #girlbossness to a T . . . ehrm, shoe. My personal favorites lately include the Rodillo and the Cors. The Rodillo wedge had been popping up all over fashion blogs this Summer. It's incredibly comfortable and cute at the same time, a mix that doesn't always happen in the shoe world. The Cors boot is another great example of fantastic design and wonderful comfort. With the lace-ups on trend and a chunky heel, this shoe can't be beat. The blend of intricate design and comfort found in every shoe makes this a brand you need in your closet — and will make this girl keep coming back for more, for years to come. I can't wait to see what's next for Campbell — nor can I wait for it to be on my feet!