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Lacoste Women's Shoes

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Jean Rene Lacoste was a French tennis player, nicknamed the crocodile. He won seven Grand Slam titles. As a businessman, he created the Lacoste brand, using the world-famous crocodile as its logo. Lacoste women shoes are available in Athletic, Boots, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers and Wedges. Of course, the tennis shoes might be the most popular variety. The white Lacoste tennis shoe with its green crocodile has become a classic.

If women want different colors for their Lacoste women shoes, they can choose beige, black, blue, brown, gold, grey, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver or yellow. The Lacoste Women's Lt Spirit Elite Metallic Piqu Canvas Sneakers have a gray finish exterior with gold tinge on the interior. Lacoste Women's Criselle Leather Sandals have a cut-out design, allowing females to show off their feet to their adoring fans. The Lacoste Women’s' Rey Lace Leather Sneakers are lower to the ground with less cushion than other athletic shoes.

Lacoste women shoes have a nice finish to them. It is an almost dull edgy finish with deep tones. The Lacoste Women's Explorateur Calf Sneakers is a good example of this. Lacoste women shoes include the Natoy Color Block Leather Slide Sandals. Females can simply slide their feet into two straps. Lacoste is simple but straightforward. The Women's Promenade Bi-Material Flip-Flops are available in bright pink. These affordable flip-flops have a sharp, precise beauty to them.

If women want an ankle athletic shoe, they can consider the Lacoste Women's Carnaby Evo Wedge Fashion Sneaker. These are available in white or black. Lacoste is a good example of simple French style. Not only tennis players but also all types of females appreciate the classic style of Lacoste women shoes. They are comfortable and easy to wear for work or play.