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Roger Vivier Women's Shoes

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Roger Vivier Women's Shoes
Roger Vivier was a renowned French fashion designer. He built his brand mainly through his exceptional skill of designing extravagant shoes. He uniquely decorated them until they were outstanding to any other brand. Silk, beads, pearls, jewels, lace, and other materials were used to garnish his designs. Roger Vivier was the creator of the popular stiletto heels back in 1954. He also experimented with numerous shapes and sizes that fascinated consumers. During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Vivier was appointed to design the queen’s shoes as she received her crown. Vivier also attended the occasion and became the only French national invited.

Today, the Roger Vivier brand has carried on his legacy by designing and creating original and incomparable styles. Apart from R V shoes, the brand also has accessories such as glasses, belts, jewelry, wallets, and scarves among others. To match the shoes, women, men, and children can choose from apparel. Ladies can include handbags while men choose from a wide range of leather bags. Women’s shoes from Roger Vivier include boots, heels, sandals, ballerina flats, and sneakers. A wide selection of these shoes is available for every woman’s taste. Whether classy and sophisticated or just simple, there are so many options from which to choose. Each design and style is available in various colors.

Shoes are a way for a woman to express herself and feel great. She chooses a pair that will define her preferences and personality. At Roger Vivier, all these needs are met with satisfaction. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Leighton Meester, and Sarah Jessica Parker have looked glamorous in R V shoes and designer outfits. Every season comes with new and trending designs and styles from R V shoes. Designers at this brand understand the desires of women. They are always ready to meet them with exciting ideas.