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Tory Burch (born Tory Robinson) was raised in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with her parents and three brothers. Burch got her first job at a Benetton store in the King of Prussia Mall. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in art history in 1988. After Burch graduated from Penn, she worked for a Yugoslavian designer named Zoran. She then moved on to a position at Harper's Bazaar magazine. After this stop, Burch went on to other jobs at Polo Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Loewe. In 2004, Tory Burch started her first fashion line called "TRB By Tory Burch." The line first got sold in its flagship store in Manhattan. Tory Burch shoes, clothing, and accessories can now be bought in over 200 stores all over the world.

One of the most popular items that can be purchased in Tory Burch stores and on her website is her line of shoes. Shoppers will want to buy some at the next Nordstrom Tory Burch sale. They can be worn for almost any and every occasion imaginable from a tropical beach vacation at an exclusive resort to the hottest restaurant in town. Whether someone buys Tory Burch shoes, her tassel totes and handbags, or her sleek accessories, she should be able to spot all of these items in the very next Nordstrom Tory Burch sale.

Tory Burch certainly has a talent for getting the hottest Hollywood celebrities to sport her clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories. Many Hollywood starlets will sing Tory Burch's praises to any fashion reporter that listens. Just some of the Hollywood stars that have gotten photographed in Tory Burch include actor Rashida Jones, actor Katie Holmes, singer Ciara, reality television star and celebrity DJ Paris Hilton, and actor Jessica Alba. The very next time news of a Nordstrom Tory Burch sale goes on, there’s no doubt that plenty of women who love fashion will attend.