Banded Collar Shirts For Men

The band collar dress shirt is a good example of an old-school retro fashion that has recently become very trendy. "Band collar dress shirts" refer to formal shirts that have a short stand-up collar, without flaps that fold over like those seen in traditional dress shirts. Band collar shirts were the standard type of dress shirts 100 years ago or more. Since they went out of style around the turn of the century, they have not been worn very much. They are considered old-fashioned, and very few designers even offered a band collar shirt. Now that they are back in style, many major designers and quite a few small boutiques are places where you can find a band collar dress shirt. They seem to be more than a passing fad, as they have been around for several years and their popularity seems to be growing.

There are many types of band collar dress shirts available. Topman makes one very popular model. This shirt is an off-white color, with a thin, almost sheer fabric. Specifically, it is made of washed twill. Maybe slowly distressed for a more modern look. Another band collar dress shirt that has proven popular is Club Monaco's offering. They offer several different types of band collar dress shirts, but arguably their most fashionable is their striped knit shirt. This shirt features blue and white pinstripes, accentuated by black buttons.

Many male style icons have been spotted wearing band collar dress shirts. Johnny Depp, for example, is known to be very fond of this type of shirt. Brad Pitt has also been photographed wearing band collar dress shirts. These are two of the most prominent men's style icons, and many men pattern their personal style after these celebrities. Of course, many everyday men wear band collar dress shirts simply because they like the way they look rather than because a favorite celebrity wears them.