Bikini Tops For Teens

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Women of all ages love showing off some skin and looking their best in bikini tops, but some top brands now make designs specifically for teenage bikini girls. Though fashion trends change from one season to the next, tops that fit right and come in a bright color or pattern will always be right on trend. Teens can opt for strapless tops that end just below the chest, halter tops that tie behind the neck and classic designs with wider straps. Some girls even like those with racer backs that they can wear when surfing.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez rock bikini tops for teens while on the beach. Bella Thorne wore some of these designs when appearing in hit films like The Duff and when relaxing with her friends. While a full bathing suit or a tankini offers more coverage, those designs often look old-fashioned and just plain outdated when worn by teens. Teenage bikini girls’ tops provide teens and tweens with more options.

One of the more popular designs is the teenage triangle bikini because this mimics the look of some of the first bikinis rocked by young women. The top on this design features two triangles of fabric with thin straps that attach the front to the back. These triangles may have a short piece of fabric connecting the two pieces together, but others use larger pieces of fabric that wrap around each other to provide even more coverage.

High-neck bikinis for teens are a top choice for active girls. These bikinis use more fabric and materials that won't stretch out when worn in the ocean. The high neck on the back lets her surf, swim and play without any embarrassing accidents. Teenage bikini girls’ tops come in a wide range of colors and designs that work with different bottoms.