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Summer is the perfect time to experiment with color. A day at the beach lets any woman let her hair down and see what kinds of color and color patterns work best for her skin tone and features. One way to see how bands of different kinds of colors might work is with a color block bikini. All sorts of fun and playful designs can be found for any body type. Think about which particular colors work together best. A dark shade of pink can pair nicely with black or navy blue. Many shades of light colors like yellow or pale green also look great with other shades of light colors like aqua and mauve.

A color block bikini is a highly versatile piece of clothing that can be used in many types of ways on the beach. The top and bottom can be the same color as seen here in this Diane von Furstenberg Color Block Bikini Bottom that goes well with a bikini top of the same color pattern. Creating a unified look where the top and bottom are the same is a great way to help focus attention on your toned thighs and slim waist.

While many women like the unified look of having a top and bottom in the same color block pattern, others might prefer to think about mixing and matching a top and a bottom. One top might be in the color blocked pattern seen here in this PilyQ Midnight Color Block Halter Bikini Top. A woman might choose to pair it with a bottom in a solid color to help highlight the interesting design. Or, a woman might choose to pair the color blocked bikini top with a bottom that has an entirely different color pattern. The possibilities and varied choices are endless.