Crop Top Shirts For Kids

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Crop tops are designer fashion pieces that are strategically cut. The cutting procedures that are implemented make these tops shorts, and the limited fabric exposes the waist and navel. Although crop tops were popular in the 1980s, many people are now wearing these pieces frequently today.

Soft cotton is used to make many crop top shirts. Depending on the brand, a crop top for girls may have features that highlight the fabric, such as a patch pocket and circular neckline. Crop tops are manufactured in long sleeve and short sleeve varieties, and both options are available with a standard or twisted front hem. Sweaters with a crop top design are usually made with a standard or surplice neckline. Winter pieces provide total comfort when temperatures drop because spandex, nylon, and rayon are the main manufacturing materials. Polo crop tops for warm weather are designed with woven polyester and cotton materials. These pieces pair nicely with casual apparel because they have a contrast trim and stylish front buttons.

The stripe crop top has a striped pattern and a ribbed knit design. This piece can be worn throughout the spring and summer since it has an elegant and stylish layout that rests the fabric off the neckline and shoulder. A square neck crop top for girls is an ideal piece for casual and formal occasions. Because this kind of top has a form-fitting design, a cropped hem, and short sleeves, comfort never suffers. Crisscross crop tops for teens are made with a Bardot neckline, and the fabric is stitched strategically so that the material rugs the shoulders. A typical crisscross crop top for girls has a form-fitting design because nylon, polyester, and viscose are used during the manufacturing process. The same fabrics are used to make many of the crop tops that have a drawstring. These pieces are designed with a ribbed knit material, long sleeves, and a Bardot neckline. Many tops with designs and fabrics that are suitable for jogging, hiking, and other activities are also available.