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Silvia Venturini Fendi released the Fendi Peek a Boo bag in 2009. It was an immediate success as the new “It Bag” because of the uniqueness of fabric combinations and more. The original bag combined fur and crocodile skin, complete with a stitched rendition of the croc’s eyes visible once the bag slouched enough to view the secret surprise. The Fendi Peek a Boo bag has continued to gain a following, and the line has expanded both its look and size.

The Large Monster Selleria is a Fendi Peek a Boo reminiscent of the original. The black leather exterior side slouches to a reveal black suede interior and bright yellow leather monster eyes. As frivolous as it appears to be, this bag is all about practicality. The interior features a roomy two-compartment interior with side zip pocket. The bag itself is secured with a silver turn-lock closure.

Another example of the original Fendi Peek a Boo is the Montone Shearling. The pink, brown, and black combination creates a uniquely creative blend of artistry without going too far. It is one of the medium-sized offerings and features the trademark double pockets on the interior with a side zip. Security is maintained with a turn lock.

The true artistry of the Fendi Peek a Boo is displayed prominently in the Hypnogarden Embroidered Bag. It’s featured in a deep blue velvet interior and exterior. The multicolored sun rays and garden blooms, also created in layers of velvet, are vividly presented on one side. While on the other, is a distinctive pair of eyes. The mechanics of this bag follow the others’ specifications.

Peek a Boo bags are available in micro to large bag sizes. The colors are as varied as the imagination allows. There’s no question that those seeking this special bag are looking for a unique style apart from the norm without sacrificing organization.