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Gaucho Pants For Women

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Gaucho pants are a current trend in women's fashion, but the style looks to be more than a passing fad. This style has been popular for a few years now and is now offered by many of the biggest fashion labels. Quite a few small boutique labels also offer this style of pant. The term "gaucho" refers to Argentinian cowboys, who traditionally wear high-waisted, loose-fitting pants with short legs. These pants were originally designed to help the gauchos ride horses comfortably. Argentinian women began to wear gaucho-style pants some time ago, but it is only in recent years that American women have begun to wear these pants as a fashion statement.

Women in the market for gaucho pants are well catered for. Some of the more popular offerings include Veronica Beard's coastal sailor pants and Ula Johnson's broadcloth gaucho pants. Veronica Beard's offering is black with a pattern of metal buttons across the front. Ulla Johnson's pants are a light brown color. They come in a broadcloth-type fabric, which is comfortable and affordable. These pants do not have pleats, which gives them a more casual look. While these are two of the more popular gaucho pants, there are many different styles and cuts available.

Despite the fact that gaucho pants have only been popular in America for a limited time, several female celebrities have been photographed wearing them. Perennial style icon Madonna has been snapped wearing several different styles of these pants on multiple occasions. British actress and trendsetter Kristin Scott Thomas has also been photographed wearing this style of pants for many years. Quite a few everyday women have been inspired to try the gaucho look by seeing some of their favorite celebrities wearing these pants. These pants have become an important style option for everyday women.