High Heel Clogs

Clogs have long been a favorite kind of shoe for many women. People around the world have been wearing clogs for centuries. Today, they are a stylish addition to any shoe rack. From open-toed shoes for summer to more closed-in styles during the colder months, clogs can go from early spring to late fall and look great along the way. Many women shop for a heel clog that has a bit of a heel to it. This helps provide support for all the parts of a woman's foot. There are many kinds of heel clogs on the market. For women who love to appear taller, many higher heels are available. Those who prefer something a little lower to the ground will also be able to find a style to suit their preferences. The heel clog may be paired with varied types of material on the body of the shoe including finely grained leather, thick flannel for autumn and woven cotton for a summer beach shoe.

Women who really enjoy a very high heel can find it with this BCBGeneration Women's BG-Candice mule. This heel clog also has tremendous details. Like many other clogs, this one has a rounded top and a rounded heel. The clog also has a detail at the hell. The use of buttons where the top meets the bottom makes it stand out and offers a bright color that contrasts with the rest of the shoe. Those who prefer something slightly simpler can also find it. These old-school high-heel clogs show off just how good a standard, basic clog looks. The understated styling is ideal for a day with friends at an amusement park and then an evening dinner at a local cafe. Such versatility is a hallmark of the clog and helps demonstrate exactly why they are such a beloved classic shoe style.