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Those who like to wear both high and low skirts can simply toss on a hi-low skirt to get the best of both worlds. Wearing a short skirt delivers a spunky, courageous, or flirtatious look. These are great for showing off an hourglass figure. These are also naturally preferable in warmer weather, spring, or summer.

Youthful energy might be associated with a short, above-the-knee skirt. It looks peppy, fresh, and exciting. The hi-low skirt also satisfies the more reserved look of a longer skirt. Some women like longer skirts or dresses to project a conservative, reserved demeanor. Now the high-low skirt can be worn by women who are in between liberal and conservative. They might consider this to be a more independent, spirited look.

Uncertainty does not need to stifle one’s clothing selections in the morning. Just toss on a hi-low skirt and go. Sometimes women are invited to an event and are not sure of what others will wear. With the high-low skirt, they can ensure that they don't look out of place. They will fit in with whichever skirt length that others are wearing. These high-low skirts also go nicely with other types of lower-body articles of clothing, such as shorts or leggings. Women can choose from single-color, multicolored, and patterned designs. The flamenco dancer is a classical style that uses this high-low skirt look. It creates energy, excitement, and a bit of mystery. The ruffles on a flamenco hi-low skirt would be a nice touch if someone expects to do some dancing at an event. The hi-low skirt is a very nice compromise and fits in no matter the occasion.