High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

High waist wide leg trousers are a timeless classic for women of all ages. They emphasize comfort without losing style. These trousers, or pants as they are known in America, have been popular for decades. They first appeared in the 1920s. This style of women's pants originated in France, and Coco Chanel's brand is often considered to be the brand that made these pants popular for the first time. Since then, high waist wide leg trousers have become popular for women all over the world. Many women like them because they are appropriate for both casual and professional situations.

High waist wide leg trousers may have been first popularized by Chanel, but now pretty much every major label makes their own take on this style. Alexis Auden's version and Frame's version are both very popular. Both companies offer high waist wide leg trousers in a variety of different colors. When this style of pants first became popular, they only came in colors like beige and gray. These days, they come in many different colors and patterns. There are also many variations on the cut and fit of these pants. While all of these pants have wide legs, some of the newer variations have a slimmer fit in the seat of the pants.

While everyday women everywhere wear these pants, many celebrities have been photographed wearing high waist wide leg pants. These celebrities range from classic movie stars like Marlene Dietrich to modern style icons like Emily Ratajkkowski and Emma Watson. Many women who look at female celebrities as style icons have been inspired to wear these pants. High waist wide leg pants have been in style for many years, so it is clear that they are not just a fad. These pants are timeless classics that will always be in style.