Lace Jacket

A blazer can act as a bona fide wardrobe staple for many women. However, many people eventually get tired of the tailored jackets that makes one think of tired old business suits. For these businesswomen, a lace jacket can act as a nice change of pace. One thing that people like about lace jackets is that they can pair them with both dressy and more casual items from their closet. What a person can wear with a lace blazer will depend on the place they plan on going. But wherever this stylish phenomenon goes, they might turn more than a few heads.

Famous fashion designers got their position in the fashion industry for a reason. They got there because they make beautiful clothing with exquisite detailing. This observation becomes even more valid when it comes to lace jackets made by prominent designers. No matter the color of the lace, no matter the name of the designer, a fashionista knows that if she buys a lace jacket from one of these famous brands, she will own an item that will make almost any outfit more beautiful. She will also have a lace blazer that she can take from season to season. Some famous designers that make lace jackets include Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, Diane von Furstenberg and Chanel.

Someone may not think that they can wear a lace blazer to work. However, opaque styles can act as a very feminine option if the person chooses a neutral shade such as tan, beige or gray. A stylish businesswoman can wear it over a crisp white oxford blouse and a black pencil skirt. Or they could soften a pair of gray and black pinstriped pants with a gray lace jacket.

Female celebrities have gotten spotted wearing lace jackets during work and play. A lovely lace jacket can easily take someone from day to night, so it makes sense that some of the most beautiful women in the world would get seen in them. These celebrities include reality star Kim Kardashian, as well as Spanish actress and younger sister of Penelope, Monica Cruz.