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Lamb Shoes On Sale

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Moxie, pixie and Dixie are the impressions left by the Lamb shoe. L.A.M.B. is the fashion brand of the pixie Gwen Stefani. She exudes a great deal of energy, confidence and seems like a fun gal to have at parties. Women, full of moxie, might like to high step with their LAMB boots. Most of the color schemes are solid Dixie colors - black, white, brown or pink. Women can choose from Lamb boots, evening, flats, mules & clogs, platforms, pumps, sandals, sneakers or wedges.

The LAMB boots have a strong profile to them. They have a pointed, triangle wedge in front and a strong look, which covers your entire foot. These look like they would keep you dry and warm during stormy weather. The Maze Boot has a wide profile; its heel is mid-size. The Martini Boot has a couple of buckles on the front for a little variety. If you want to show off your beautiful feet, then the Lamb Booties are nice. They have airy straps holding your feet in, but give everyone a great viewpoint of your latest pedicure.

The Lamb shoe is stylish. The White Selene Genuine Lamb Fur Lined Boot has a little string on the back to keep your feet inside, tight and snug. The Frye Roxanne Stretch Tall Women's Pull-On Boots give you full coverage up to your knees. You can strut your stuff down the runway.

Find the right Lamb shoe to enjoy your days. The lines of the Lamb shoe are dramatic, framing your beautiful figure like a masterpiece. If you believe in the motto of the brand - Love, Angel, Music and Baby - then you might want to add a couple of these shoes to your wardrobe. Have a good time on the weekend, rocking your Lamb footwear.