Leather Pants For Women

A leather pant for women is telling the world you have attitude. It reveals a bad side of your personality that you're willing to embrace. This personality is tough, gritty, and fearless. J Brand, Rag & Bone, Helmut, and Spanx are a snippet of the various designers venturing into women's leather pants and owning it.

Besides the emotional attitude, physical features of leather pants extend past black and glossy material. The leather pant for women is evolving into different colors, not to mention material that is breathable and durable. Red, brown, and metallic shades offer extra choices in leather pants. Likewise, the stretch material relives fear of rips and tears during bending and moving. Finally, glossy and non-glossy materials exist in all colors.

Furthermore, a leather pants' appearance is just as varied as pants or jeans. You can find flare, ankle, wide-leg, and skinny leather pants on this site. The pants come in low-rise and high-rise form. Buyers who don't want to wear real leather can support faux leather (plastic leather a.k.a. pleather) or vegan leather (eco-friendly synthetic microfiber). Vegan leather is especially great for animal lovers against animal cruelty and testing.

Ladies in leather pants signifies breaking away from traditional clothing and tapping into another side of you. Depending on the attire, leather pants could create a classy, sporty, casual, or rock vibe. Celebrities can incorporate leather pants into daily attire seamlessly. Models Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as well as singers Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift channel personality on the job and off wearing leather. Add a leather pant for women in your closet to give your wardrobe a kick.