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There are many types of collars that men can choose from for their shirts. The mandarin collar shirt has a heritage from China. The mandarins were the elite bureaucratic class of Imperial China. Therefore, the mandarin collar shirt can evoke images of authority, distinction, prestige and academic success. This collar is a short, unfolded, stand up style. Observers might also see a mandarin collar shirt worn by members of the military for their dress parade uniforms.

Men can choose from dress, long sleeve, short sleeve, polos or tees for their mandarin collar shirts. Some might think that the mandarin collar resembles the Nehru collar. The Ann Demeulemeester mandarin collar tie shirt has some Gothic and punk-inspired connotations. Fashion experts suggest that the mandarin collar can go with blazers for a sharp, off-duty look. The Alexander McQueen mandarin collar dinner shirt has a precision to it. It has a double-faced front bib with gunmetal studs.

How should men wear the mandarin collar shirt? Fashion experts suggest that men should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and neck. The collar should be snug. The Maison Margiela Spring 2015 mandarin collar one-button cuff shirt is not the best with a formal tuxedo. It might look better by itself. It offers a simple, precise look.

Men do not need ties with the Mandarin collar since there are no folds. There is an open-faced style or button style for these tieless shirts. Some might add a button to tie both sides together - like the Yves Saint Laurent men's mandarin collar hybrid shirt. The mandarin collar shirt can provide a distinguished look for a professional. It might fit in better for work, but there are mandarin collars on polos and tees too. It can be a nice variety in a man's wardrobe.