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The Pony shoe brand was founded in 1972, and many of the shoes that are designed by this company appeal to athletes. In the 1970s, Pele wore Pony sneakers during a historic game. By relying on the traction and comfort that Pony sneakers provided, Pele scored his 1300 goal. Pony shoes are also popular in other professional sports, such as football, tennis, and basketball. In 1976, the Oakland Raiders sported the shoes throughout the entire Super Bowl. In the world of tennis, Tracy Austin won two championships while wearing a pair of Pony shoes, and Reggie Jackson laced up his Pony sneakers before he hit his 500th home run in 1984.

Many athletes and sneaker fans were Pony footwear because the products are comfortable and stylish. All Pony shoe products have the icon Pony logo somewhere on the shoe material, and the logo always has a color scheme that blends with an overall design. Mainly all-white shoes will have a dark logo and various splashes of color along the side of the outer material. Products that have an entire color scheme that features a dark color will have white laces and patterns. Both options appeal to sporty and casual crowds because the color tones on the shoes pair nicely with modern athletic and traditional apparel.

Pony offers two sneaker options, which are low-tops and high-tops. The low-top shoes are ideal for general tasks because they have padded insoles and strong laces that boost comfort. Many low-top options can be worn while playing sports since the material flexes while running and sprinting procedures are implemented. The high-top Pony sneakers by Pony provide comfort and strategic ankle support. These products are typically worn with shorts because pants can hide the logos that are placed on the top portion of each shoe. All of the Pony products that have a high-top or low-top design stand out since the Pony shoe designers use a variety of unique and trendy color combinations on the outer fabrics.