Rain Boots For Women

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There’s no doubt that boots are the top style for weather from fall to spring. One of the most versatile versions is the ankle rain boot. There’s something for every woman when it comes to ankle rain boots, thanks to the wide range of styles and colors.

The classic Wellington boot, named after the Duke of Wellington, was popularized in the 18-century as a versatile boot that could be worn riding but was sharp enough for evening wear. Soon, it became a favorite of British aristocracy, a trend that continued into modern day with Princess Diana. Other celebrities who love these boots are Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Watson. This style can be reimagined as ankle rain boots for a subtle, but protective choice. Trendy brand Hunter has been a pioneer in Wellington boots, a trend that continues with their ankle rain boot. Timberland is also a popular choice, with their ankle boots that are as well suited for hiking as for fall style.

One of the most popular styles that has adapted itself well to rainwear is the Chelsea boot. This classic, minimalist boot has been a favorite of style icons throughout history, from royals to the Rolling Stones. These shoes bring the perfect amount of fashion sense to a rainy day. Outerwear brands L.L. Bean and London Fog both feature classic Chelsea-style ankle rain boots for women.

On a rainy day, a pop of color or a fun detail can make all the difference in an outfit. Any dreary day can be elevated with cheery red rain boots from Kate Spade, or the elegant Burberry boot featuring the classic twill pattern with gold accents.

Whether Wellington, Chelsea, or colorful style, ankle boots can provide the perfect touch to a rainy day. A stylish, practical ankle rain boot is a staple of any woman’s wardrobe.