Ruffle Blouse

Certain styles remain timeless. For women everywhere, the ruffled look always helps soften an otherwise severe look. Ruffles are a flowy fabric that helps make any outfit soft and add pleasing curves. A ruffle can be added to a dress or blouse to help accentuate a woman's shoulders and show off her hips. Many women love a ruffle blouse. Today's ruffled blouses are all about the details. The modern look is at once evocative of summer days spent sipping a lemonade on a veranda but also of international trends that contemporary women enjoy wearing. When looking for the ruffle blouse keep in mind several factors. A ruffle may be a small detail that helps the entire top and bottom work. A ruffle may also be a much larger element across the entire neckline. Ruffles are sometimes used as a single piece or there may be several layers of ruffles cascading down the entire shirt.

This one-shoulder ruffle blouse demonstrates how the ruffle can be used. It drapes across the wearer's side to create asymmetry and interest. The mid-sized ruffle is the key detail for the rest of the outfit, drawing immediate attention. While some ruffled blouses are a single dark shade, this one is part of an overall pattern. It helps to precisely measure the size wanted when ordering this style. This way, it will stay up and not droop past a woman's bust. Another example of the way contemporary designers use ruffles is this Mansel ruffle blouse. This design has more than ruffle that falls across the chest. It also has ruffled sleeves that help complement the overall design. The look here is about using new riffs on an old standby. For the woman in search of something perfect for any day, the ruffle blouse is an excellent choice.