Sequin Pants

Sequin pants add glamour to any outfit. Sequins date back hundreds of years. Initially made from metal, today's sequins are made of lightweight plastic. This has made them an accessible look for everyone. They are often colored with metallic shades, but silver and gold are popular colors. Sequins are often used in stage costumes and nightwear. Sequin trousers may be contemporary or vintage. They hearken back to the disco era and glam rock era of the late 1970s. Brave fashionistas will wear sequined clothes and accessories any time of day or year. In addition to pants, sequins can be found on gowns, jumpsuits handbags, tops, wallets, and skirts.

Sequin pants can be high or low fashion. Famous couture brands like Chloe and Phillip Lim make sequin pants, as do more mass-market companies like Nasty Gal and Free People. There is a sequined pant for every person at every price point. From cheeky teens to CEOs, everyone can get in on this trend.

These pants are available in all rises, from high to low. High-rise sequined trousers can be unforgiving, and usually, only the bravest fashionistas attempt this look. Some designers choose to evoke the past with flared legs on their sequin trousers. These pants make great costumes for Halloween and fancy dress parties. Chic black jumpsuits are a perfect choice for occasions like New Year's Eve. In choosing this style of pants, consider the quality of the pants. The wearer will want a well-made garment with the sequins attached securely. In terms of care, sequined garments must be drycleaned. They cannot be ironed normally, or the sequins can melt.