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There is nothing quite as cozy and luxe as shearling apparel during those frigid autumn and winter months. In simplest terms, shearling comes from natural sheepskin that has been sheared; the leather side has a napped, suede finish. That gives a unique look with amazing texture to an item like a pair of shearling boots. This type of cold-weather footwear is attractive, sporty, longlasting and affordable. The fashionable and famous are often spotted wearing cute shearling boots out and about, walking from the airport, shopping, running errands and hanging out. Some of these stars include Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and the list goes on.

Super popular shearling boots by UGG offer warmth, protection from the bitter cold and other elements and a lot of styling options. The variety is practically endless, and UGGs from Australia often come in cool shades like bright blue, bubblegum pink, red, navy, etc. The famous round toe boot is available in different lengths and accent options.

In addition to UGG, the well-known Birkenstock brand of shearling boots also delivers superb construction, a plush shearling lining, waxed suede uppers, lacing with convenient toggle closure and a strong rubber outsole. There are also the Manitobah Mukluks when luxurious, statement-making boots will only do. These beauties feature a hand-beaded, moccasin-suede style with rabbit fur and suede ties. Inside, the interior is toasty and lined with soft, shearling fur. The rabbit fur is available in charcoal or black.

Caring for these kinds of boots after a storm or season of battling the elements is easier than one might think. For example, fabric wash specially formulated to treat natural fibers like wool and cashmere can also be used to effectively clean dirt from sheepskin products like shearling boots, including the suede. Boots made from shearling are a smart investment.