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A fabulous option for the modern day athletic woman is a sport bra bikini. Sport bra swimsuits are a lot like the regular bikini top, except styled closer to the look of a sports bra. This offers not only more coverage, but also allows for the chest area to have far more support than the regular bikini top. Sports bra bikinis portray the wearer as having an athletic style, and are very modern.

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ShopStyle will offer you exclusive looks at all the trendy and brightly patterned sport bra bikini tops that every high-end shop has on the market. Bold, statement neon color blocks such as Nike's solid triangle bikini top or SwimSpot's mesh cutout sports bra top will have you standing out at any pool you grace.

Or, if you're looking for a relaxed bikini top that you don't need to worry about washing away with the waves without forgoing your natural and effortless beauty, try out Nautica's strappy bikini top! SwimSpot's crochet sports bra bikini top will be a total hit if you want something both convenient and elegant, and Orchard Mile's mesh cut out sport bra bikini top ensures that you'll feel sexy and everyone else will know it.

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