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Ugg Classic Sparkle Boots

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Classic Ugg boots are a unisex sheepskin boot that has historically been known for being comfortable and practical more so than being stylish. This has actually changed in the recent past as Ugg boots have gotten more popular and become a fashion statement both here in the United States and across the world.

Originally considered a "surfing boot", Ugg boots originated in Australia and New Zealand. There is some question as to when and where the boots first were developed. Some reports date the earliest version of the boot all the way back to World War I when United Kingdom Royal Air Force pilots wore fur boots. A more accurate history credits Ugg boots to shearers in rural Australia in the 1920s. Commercial manufacturing could have begun in the 1933 in New South Wales or the late 1950s. The 1970s is when both "Ugg" and "Ugh" boots began marketing across Australia and the boots began to grow in popularity.

Ugg boots first appeared in California surf magazines in the 1970s and rapidly became a staple of the surf culture. The US Olympic team wore Ugg boots as part of their uniform to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and that helped promote these boots internationally. Since that time, Ugg boots have branched out into different colors and styles such as sparkling Ugg boots. Traditional Ugg boots are sheepskin with fleece attached to the inside. This makes the boots comfortable and keep feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

While sparkling Ugg boots are obviously designed for women, there are hundreds of different styles for men's Ugg boots as well. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Leonardo DiCaprio have embraced the Ugg boots culture. Seeing celebrities wearing both sparkling Ugg boots and the more classic Ugg designs has given these boots a legitimate reputation for style and fashion.