White Lace Top

Lace makes a statement. Beautiful, elegant, softly feminine, lace is a must material for many women. Today's women look for lace that drapes well and has thoughtful details. They also search for lace that can be used as a top for a summer party at the shore or a winter holiday office party.

A white lace top is a staple that many women find themselves turning to again and again. The subtle details help set off a skirt in a darker color such as green, black or maroon. The ethereal quality of the lace offers a way to soften the edges of a bolder choice in smoky eye makeup or a heavy shoe. A white lace top comes in many different styles, thicknesses, and shades of white. Think about the details. Many women want lacy tops that have another layer with the lace. Otherwise, it may be slightly too see through for daily wear.

A white lace top often has additional details that help make it interesting. For example, this White Lace Blouse has a decorative flounce that covers the bust. The shoulders are covered with a nude white fabric that has a turtleneck. The decorative detail at the wrists draws attention to a woman's slender fingers and any jewelry she should decide to wear with it. This textured blouse can be worn with a plain, elegant black skirt and pair of winter boots.

Another example of the kind of white lace tops many women prize is this Ilise lace top The understated neckline is right for a day at work or an evening engagement. Lace acts as a counterpoint to the black velvet details at the cuffs and neckline. White lace tops like these two examples help illustrate why these are some of the most versatile items in any woman's wardrobe.