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Wood Bead Bracelet

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Modeled after Buddhist prayer beads, the wood bead bracelet is a trendy wrist-wear choice for women all over the world. While many wear them because they are fashionable, others purport that different color beads bring into someone’s life certain elements.

The connection between color and meaning is often related to that of similarly colored beads. For example, gray, silver and black wooden beads are associated with happiness, power, and success; pink beads mean friendship and love; blue for joy and peace; brown signifies balance and protection when paired with a tiger’s eye; and orange wooden beads stand for wisdom and empowerment.

Since ancient times, human beings have been using jewelry as a form of decorating themselves, displaying their wealth and communicating meaningful messages. These are the same reasons today why one individual may choose a wood bead bracelet intricately decorated with various materials and designs like the Zales Alex and Ani Cirrus beaded bangle. For others, a wood bracelet with a precious stone embellishment like diamond will do. A good example is the Loree Rodkin bracelet. When it comes to symbols, brand logos are replacing stamps of the pre-modern artisan with their own. However, people still wear wood bead bracelets to show what is important to them, using prayer beads, symbolic gemstones, or even messages that can be engraved on the bracelet.

While choosing a wood bead bracelet, some of the things that should be considered include the wrist size, style, taste, width of the band, size of beads and embellishments as well as the apparent weight of a bracelet. The bracelet should complement an individual’s appearance, which is why bone structure is critical. This will help the wearer decide whether to look for a wood bracelet that is narrow or wide, extravagant or simple, and delicate or solid.

A wood bead bracelet helps in accentuating an individual’s style. The bracelet can be used to accessorize outfits – dressing them down or up according to the situation. If never tried before, wood bead bracelets will set the wearer apart as a cultured woman who’s not afraid of experimenting with her style.