Marble Rush adventure set 72cm

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It’s time for your little one to put their building skills to the test with the Marble RushTM adventure set by VTech® . With over 128 pieces to assemble, this larger-than-life assortment comes with two electronic modules, which allow for tracks to be split and change course. There’s even a Ferris wheel to install along with music and sound effects to create a carnival-like atmosphere. With hours of fun and concentration ahead, this is sure to keep them entertained for at least a little while. VTech® Marble RushTM adventure set 100% plastic Includes: Marble RushTM adventure set, one parent's guide, 2 x AA and 3 x AAAbatteries (included for demo purposes only) Dimensions: Height 33cm, length 72cm, width 17.8cm Suitable for 4 years+